Early results

Collapsed on the couch for a few winks only to be awakened by the sounds of a downpour quickly followed by being trampled by two whining, wet cats begging to be toweled off. The game is this, I use a perfectly good clean bath towel to tussle them dry while they fight and pretend to hate it. Then, as soon as I release them, they go back outside for another soaking. So much for the 35$ worth of flea stuff I put on them yesterday. Then they come right back inside for another luxury treatment. After the deluge let up, I went out on the deck to survey the "clams" and decided to harvest just one of my tube-dyed pieces. A vicious hand wash produced almost no run-off. A good toasting in the dryer to reveal the truth. Ooo LaLa...


DebR said...

oh YUM!! That fabric is SUPERfantastic!!

9:54 AM  
Scrapmaker said...

Wonderful fabric. Can the sea monster piece be far behind? Jen

10:09 AM  
Balwearie said...

OOOOOOO la la indeed! That's gawgeous.

8:01 AM  
Olenka said...

Your lucious fabric reminds me of being deep-under-water and looking up at the surface on a sunny day.

10:26 AM  

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