Heart of Stone

A spot of serenity in my life. I plant these moonflowers in windowboxes on the deck outside my bedroom every year and every year I wish there was a way to bottle the fragrance which I can only describe as narcotic. I watched a hummingbird hanging in midair in front of this one and swear he was just smelling it - taking a deep, birdy breath and closing his little eyes in rapture just like I do.

I am ashamed to say I have a case of the Blahs which are unrelated to the Blues. The blues come from real troubles. I find the Blahs particularly despicable because my list of reasons to rejoice goes on and on. And where do I get off dealing in mopery when there are people dying of thirst and heat and fear not 500 miles away from me. I've made my dollar donations and will add on to my grocery bill and drop dollars in baskets for months to come. Sunday, there's a blood drive where I will hand over a pint of my splendid O+ nectar and still I wish there was more I could do.

Reasons To Be Grateful
1. Good health. Any problems I have are self inflicted and easily remedied.
2. My family all around me, all in good health and making their way in life.
Anyone who needs medical care is getting it. The same for my distant family,
all just a phone call away.
3. A job of sorts and an income and the means to get more of both.
4. A roof over my head. Food in the refrigerator. The AC and heat both work.
5. Reliable transportation.
6. A room full of stuff to make art with. Why can I not even go in there?

Yesterday I came home to find a Fedex package with a book just published with a picture of one of my quilts in it. I am published. It seems very unimportant but
I will still buy some copies to send to the family. OK. I just need to give thanks. Be grateful and find a way to deserve all that I have.


Caitlin O'Connor said...

You're PUBLISHED and you didn't even tell us the name of the book? *slaps gently upside the head* how can we celebrate you being published without more details? TELL US!!

I'm sorry you have the blahs, and I know they don't respond to logic. Hoping they disappear SOON so you can get back to being the creative vibrant YOU!

11:15 PM  
gabrielle said...

Name? Please? WE need to see you in print. As to the blahs, we all get them..you read my whining...but your list of blessings was wonderful. Occasionally, I just have to force myself to do something...even if it turns out badly. Spend the day in the studio piddling; I predict the blahs will find somewhere else to go. And yes, we should all count our blessings, every day, especially now....you do deserve all you have.

7:35 AM  
JulieZS said...

*Blahs Be Gone*
Thanks for listing your blessings, that is a great start to kicking the blahs out.

1:58 PM  
DebR said...

Name of the book?? Congrats on being published. I say take joy where you can find it!

9:47 AM  
Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

And she just casually mentions at the end that she's newly published. WITHOUT even telling us where so we can share!

4:54 AM  
Sonji Hunt said...

I'm envious. Hearty congratulations on your success!!! Now, I must get this book. If I send it to you will you sign it?

10:00 AM  

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