Hummingbird Sauce

With the list of things that I need to finish and get accomplished growing longer each day, the last thing I should have done right now was to start something new but I have been itching to cut into those dyed damask. Although the colors fall pretty much into the same value category, there's enough variation to make the designs work. It's much like working with watercolors although that's something I have never done. It was just too unpredictable for me, but this way, with fabric, I have the control I want. Another interesting thing about working with this cloth is the large amount of "give" it has. You might cut a square but it's not likely to get sewn down that way. Makes for some very organic looking shapes. I have been thinking a lot about gestures lately. How they look, how they can be misread, how they can be subtle and powerful at the same time. This is Gesture One, 36"x21". There will me more machine quilting and perhaps some hand embroidery. I don't know yet.

It's coming on dusk and I have been watching the hummers take turns at the feeder. For once they are really working at tanking up without a lot of fussing at one another.Maybe a co-operative effort for survival? Looking at the feeder made me realize that there is not a crumb of sugar left in the house right now. I'll have to cook up some hummingbird sauce and clean refill the feeder after I go shopping in the morning. I used to worry about keeping the birds from their migration schedule by continuing to keep the feeder clean and full but a local expert assured me that when they are good and ready, they will head south.
I'll bet the temperature falls drastically tonight. After my husband falls asleep, I will get up and turn off the AC and open all the doors and windows and let the night into the house for the first time in months.


Caitlin O'Connor said...

YUMMY! I think the design is strong enough to not worry overly about the similarity in values. Looking forward to seeing where you go next on this one!

One of my life ambitions: to see hummingbirds In Real Life - I'm sure photos don't really show the LIFE of them....

12:23 AM  

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