Last Dye-Day of the Summer

I now know why dyers insist on letting stuff "batch" which basically means lay around doing nothing. Ostensibly it's for getting the most our of the dyes but in my experience we've gotten some pretty yowza intensities just by waiting until we've finished scarfing up some lunch before the big rinse. Batching is so the exhausted dyer can recuperate. Tomorrow. Today, this stuff is just going to sit there until I can summon up the energy to finish the process.

I was in the dentist chair for three hours yesterday morning suffering the groundwork for two crowns. Dr. B is a fiend for making sure his patients suffer no pain - while they are in his clutches -so I must have had a quart of Novocaine because my eyebrows and hairline were numb and my soft palate didn't know what to do so I was having trouble breathing late into the procedure. They did offer me some over the counter pain killers which I waved aside, plenty at home of that sort.

So Merry numbhead drives herself home with sidetrips to the vet's for cootie medicine, the bank for deposits and DQ for a cappucino frosted. By the time I got home and into the pool (yes, we are still having pool weather) my jaw started pounding. By 4 pm I would have cruised for crack but I couldn't lift my face off the icebag. My Goodman Jim saved the day with something narco he has stashed away for his back troubles. He made me a cup of tea and in 15 minutes I didn't have a care in the world, just remembering how to breathe. I lay in bed and drooled on myself as my Braves went on to coast to a 14th straight Division championship, rookies and all.

Is anyone else in love with the sea monsters from "Surface"? I can't wait to make a seamonster quilt.


Sonji Hunt said...

Your batching jars look like a lovely buffet of homemade treats. YUMMY.

9:12 AM  
Cathy said...

My sympathies. I just spent an afternoon at my dentist for a new crown, actually a temporary till the new one is done. I spent 2 hours just waiting for my mouth to get numb! Wowza, I could not open my mouth enough to even eat after 3 shots of numbing meds. I had to suck my soft food off the spoon to eat. Hope it's better soon.

9:41 AM  
debra said...


You would understand this. When I was doing jar dyeing... they would say shake or turn the jars regularly. I always chose to do jar dyeing during baseball games... and every inning (or half-inning.. our guys were sluggers at that time), I'd shake and turn the jars.

What will I do for entertainment when October ends?

Good luck with your Braves.. who regularly make it to the playoffs, but not that far beyond...

Eager to see how the White Sox choose to play this weekend series...

4:21 PM  
Vicky aka stichr said...

The sea monsters in Surface do look....monsterish. Need to see more of them.

11:56 AM  

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