The One-Armed Paper Hanger Goes Swimming

I spent the shank of the day, that is from noon to 3, lolling about in the pool, reading the Sunday New York Times and listening to the Braves take a beating from the New York Mets. At least my Dad didn't call on the phone to rub it in. I can't believe I am still swimming on September 18th. This is the longest season we have had since we got the pool in '99. Delicious.
My list of things to do before next weekend has many items. Anyone have that list? Today I discovered that I am going to have to make do with the wacky tent that I used last year and the PVC fittings that I had envisioned for my displays don't exist. I must have been thinking ofK'NEX or some other kids building toy. LEGO! I'll use LEGO for the displays. That's the ticket!
Went to see "The Constant Gardener" with my buddy JR. It's a powerful, heartbreaking and important film.


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