A series is spawned

Remember this little thing from a few posts back? I mean, pink. What was I thinking? I doubt I was thinking about color but I was thinking about all the people who are apart from loved ones - it's been preying on my mind lately, like lots of folks. I kept going back at wondering what was it about this piece that kept drawing me back. It's the simple eloquence of gesture. This is one of my favorite photos back when I though I knew what I was doing with an ancient Canon Pellix. That's my lens cap that Colin is about to attempt to eat. He was sick with (another) ear infection, hence the mournful tears. He did some modeling when he was a baby and loved having a camera in his face.This was my attempt at distracting him from his misery of the moment - a photo shoot which was always followed by ice cream.

I have always been fascinated with photographs that capture gestures that speak long and quietly. Gestures that tell stories that reach back generations and forward into the future. Gesture - the image of touch and reflection of emotions. So, starting late in the fourth inning of the disappointing Braves/Nats game, I started making little copies of Duo changing each successive one just a little to alter the intent of the gesture. This is the eighth or ninth one. I have lost track. I had better stop and start sewing these before I lose interest and wind up with a drawer full of potholders.


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