"and to think that this should happen to me on my natal anniversary!"

My sister Patty sent these today!

My brother called first -
"Happy birthday, Mrs. Hood.
Happy birthday to you,
To make your birthday come out good,
I give this present to you"
For those of you old enough to have enjoyed the Little Rascals on TV back when there were only five channels of black and white nonsense, you will recognize this little tidbit. What a thing to establish a family tradition over, yet, there it is. We call each other on the phone and sing "Happy birthday Mr. Hood.." or the day is not complete. By noon, I had heard from everyone in the family.
I shut off the AC (don't tell my husband!) and opened up all the window to this glorious weather. There are only about 10 of these days all year in Georgia so I have named this one after myself. I put Idiot's Delight on the MP3 player, got some cider and set about ironing the hand-dyed jewels that I brought home from Elizabeth's studio last night. It's a batch like this that reminds why I go to the trouble to hand-dye my own fabric. The very dark ones are the key colors in the piece I will be working on tomorrow.


DebR said...

Happy Birthday!!
Those fabrics are yummy!

10:10 PM  
mary m. said...

Happy Birthday, Deb!

8:09 AM  

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