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Yesterday was a good day. After doing my "90 minute domestic intensive" I was fed up with house work and decided I needed a good meal at Los Hermanos Taqueria with my buddy Jan K. Did I mention I have three good friends within a short drive who will all answer to "Jan"? This Jan introduced me to a fabulous Mexican restuarant close enough to her house that she knows most of the waiters by name and never looks at the menu. It's all good. After lunch we rounded up her buddy Milo who had to be dropped off at the vet to have the stitches taken out of his ear while we went to the local Goodwill just up the street and made the proverbial killing. It's such a great feeling to score an entire wardrobe for two growing teenagers and only spend 50$ - I drag all my friends to this Goodwill because it seems like all the affluent folks in Gwinnett County (and there are LOTS of those) bring their once or twice worn designer clothes to this shop where savvy shoppers like me wait until Tuesdays where I can now take advantage of 25% off the total because it's Senior Citizen's Day! We missed it by a day this trip but it's always worth going.


DebR said...

Your friend's kitty is gorgeous. I have a thing for fat, orange cats.

Why is it that it seems like everyone in the world knows the location of a GOOD Goodwill store except me?? I've tried bunches of them around my general area and can't figure out where the rich people donate their clothes!! Everyone I go into just has crap, crap, and more crap.

Your bundles are beeeeyootiful!

9:26 AM  

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