even though I'm still mostly in the dark.....

This will mean something to the select few...
River Tam - 100%
Inara Serra - 88%
The Operative - 81%
Shepherd Derrial Book - 75%
Jayne Cobb - 69%
Mal Reynolds - 63%
Hoban Washburne - 63%
Simon Tam - 63%
Kaylee Frye - 50%
Zoe Alleyne Washburne -50%


DebR said...

100% River??? OMG, Deb, you NEED to see "Serenity"!! River, (while admittedly ever-so-slightly insane...heh) Kicks ASS! Literally. And she's a genius. That is such a cool result!

If I could have chosen who I'd want to be, I'd want it to be River or Zoe, but I only matched them 56% and 50%, respectively. (Although I didn't match ANY of them 100%...my highest matches were only 63%. I guess they don't really have a true DebR character.)

12:13 PM  

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