Finally Fall

I noticed today that the hummingbirds have finally packed and flown for Mexico. The pool is green and I can barely keep ahead of the leaves. It's time to drag the cover out of the basement and put it to bed all clean for the season. It was a long sweet season.
Now is the time of year I get melancholy about not being in New York for the holidays. More somberness. I also found out today that my best friend has decided to move home to Memphis to be near her mother. Although I will miss her, I am happy for her because she has wanted this for a long time and now the path is clear for her.

Today I called corporate and found out that my very last day with AT&T is November 18. After that, I will be a Pensioner! Woo-woo. Co-incidentally, I got a notice from AARP begging me to re-up. I'm thinking about it. There has to be something useful about belonging, otherwise so many others wouldn't have bothered.
I'm still taking baby steps back into the studio since I have been picking up the pieces of my day to day stuff since Monday morning. Two weekends in a row away from home and the mayhem is knee deep. Tomorrow, I can finally dig in to the room itself and make some order so I can can get to work instead of working out of my little black bag.
I keep this bag with me for things like sitting in the waiting room at the dentist, and any other time I'm forcibly idle. Scraps and shreds, needles and pins, thread and scissors. All I need to make a little hand music when all I have is time on my hands. This little piece, Handmusic, is about 8x6 inches.

I'm also excited about taking another class with Elizabeth Barton next week, October 12,13,15th "Compose, Color, Construct!" will be held at her home studio in Athens, Ga. The links from her website took me to the work of two of my favorite fiber artists, Jean Hewes and Emily Richardson. Mystical and Magical.


DebR said...

I've been wondering whether AARP was worth the fee. Johnny turned 50 on Monday. By Wednesday an application was in our mailbox!

I like your Handmusic piece!

9:49 AM  

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