Hand Dyes for Sale

The time change has me in a tiz. That and the phone call from my brother early this morning advising me that my Dad was admitted to the hospital last night with stomach pains. He underwent four hours of surgery this morning to repair a hiatal hernia. I just called the hospital and the ICU nurse said "He's sedated so he'll miss the worst of this". All day long I have been on the edge of having one of my unspecific allergic reactions so I took my meds and tackled the project of selecting, ironing, photographing and coding the HTML to get some of my newest hand dyes up for sale on HOTCAKES before I chop into them myself. My brother, Rob, is slated for surgery for a bad rotator cuff this coming Friday so I have to plan a trip to New York to lend a hand. The pumpkins aren't carved yet!


Caitlin O'Connor said...

best wishes for your Dad and brother - I'll be thinking of you all.

6:51 AM  
Sonji Hunt said...

The fabric is beautiful. Take care of yourself and best wishes for your family, Deb.

11:24 AM  
Jan said...

The time change messes up people like a full moon-more accidents, etc. You are not alone.

Take Care of Yourself in NY

11:02 PM  
arlee said...

Good thoughts to all of you!

I'm still drooling over the booty you sent me--luscious!!

11:46 AM  

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