I love Fall. It's my favorite time of the year. Of course there are no leaves to rake (that you would want to jump into) in my yard. We have a Sweetgum tree that drop little spiked balls all over that hurt if you step on them barefoot. They do start selling gallons of Apple Cider in the grocery stores.
Today I made a discovery - 10 ounces of icy, tart apple cider, 2 ounces of vodka and a wedge of lime. Oh yeah. It's helping me over my sadness. I watched every single minute of all 18 innings of the last game of this season for the Atlanta Braves.
"The heartbreaking 7-6 loss to Houston in Game 4 of the National League Division Series on Sunday at Minute Maid Park was tough for them to take, but it didn't completely overshadow what should be remembered as not only another successful season by the Braves, but one where they exceeded many observers' expectations." Enough! I can't dwell on it a moment longer.

Watching the game did keep me from prematurely hatching out the last outdoor hand-dyes of the season. So I was up at 7 am opening jars and bags and ooohing and ahhing over what looked like some juicy results.I hand rinsed things in small batches in the kitchen sink - I didn't want too much chemical crap going through my washing machine. Most of it is languishing in the dryer at the moment because I pulled a few pieces, ironed them and started knocking together this tasty little item.

I also treated myself to a replacement for my dead Sony Dream machine. It plays MP3s and just about anything else including books on CD from the library. Right now I have
"The Hanged Man's Song" by John Sandford, read by Richard Ferrone.
Doesn't it look like an ugly 50s car?


Scrapmaker said...

Great art piece. Hand dyes look great too! Jen

3:11 PM  
gabrielle said...

Forget the wonderful work, I am up for the apple cider cocktail. Thanks for a new way to consume.

10:37 AM  

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