Sneaking Changes

Work, work, work - as if I had trouble making time to play. I have undertaken a long overdue redesign of my main website. The "under rehab" page took me almost two hours this morning - I am so out of practice that I had to look up a couple of HTML tags.

The real hard work is ahead. Thinking hard about which pieces best represent the direction my work is taking now. Then relegating most of the pieces to an "older works" page (which always seems kind of sad to me) and, even more harsh, taking a lot of the pieces off the website altogether and then, what to do with work that is gathering cat hair and taking up space. A big SALE comes to mind but later for that. Some of the older pieces are already earmarked for the Yahoo Quilt Swap and even that feels somehow crummy to me.

When I was getting things together to take to the art festival last month, I kept unpacking older works and wondering "Who did this crap?". It was unsettling to discover how much I had changed in the year or two since I created the pieces that bothered me most.

Has anyone else felt this? What's it all about?
They say change is good. They also say a lot of other useless things. What do you say?


mary m. said...

It may look like crap to you because you've changed so much, but others will treasure it.

Change is good...our cells die and reproduce so often, we don't even have the same kidneys we had three months ago. All that matters is right now. It looks like you consistently produce eye-catching work!

8:05 AM  
Karoda said...

I've yet to feel that way about my quilts yet, but I very distinctly remember having that feeling towards poems I'd written...but then after stepping back it was more a verification of how important it is to "trust the process" and keep on keepin' on.

2:24 PM  
Sonji Hunt said...

Change may or may not be good. It just happens, so you can either fight it or go with it. I just go with it. I get better results.

Deb, when I was setting up for my show I looked at my work differently because it was out of my work space. That seemed to change it. Everything looked smaller. Plus, I think whatever I'm working on at present is THE THING and I forget that all the rest was THE THING. Context is adoration.

2:59 PM  

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